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Club Purgatory is a pop-up fetish club making its debut in, of all places, Newcastle. Instead of being heavy on the fetish (and not much else), it also focuses on the “club” aspect utilising the venue’s two floors having the raucous, high energy performances and DJ’s downstairs, and the quieter, more intimate dungeon area upstairs. The dress code is more relaxed than similar events in other parts of the country, with an “all black, no street wear” minimum requirement. That’s not to say that they don’t encourage people to dress up, because they really do. There were highly experienced dominants on hand to educate and supervise the uninitiated on how to use the provided equipment. ¬†Something I can personally attest to having attended their opening a few months ago was the safe, friendly, inclusive, atmosphere.

In this interview, I talk to Foxy Coxy, the organiser behind Club Purgatory and M., London-based craftsman, Dungeons E4 who provided the equipment.

– – – Firstly, hello!

Can you tell me a little about yourself and why you started Club Purgatory?

– Hello! I’m Foxy Coxy, I have an extensive background in events management, everything from theatre to corporate, to burlesque and to fetish. I met M. that runs Dungeons E4 at the London Fetish Fair. He had a stall and provided the hire of the dungeon equipment for the evening party. I was running the cabaret stage and acting as a dungeon monitor during the party. (A dungeon monitor keeps an eye on people using the equipment and helps to keep everyone safe.)

Dungeons E4 hire equipment to some of the biggest, most famous, fetish clubs in the South East. We got to chatting and chatting turned into plotting, and we decided to create our own club. It seemed a shame that this type of club is very London-centric, so we decided to create something that could be moved easily. We have started it in Newcastle, and the future plan is to take Club Purgatory as many other cities across the UK that will have us!

We want to create a well know travelling club that’s renowned for its quality of performers, equipment and inclusivity. We want to try to reach out to people that have never been to this type of club, don’t have much experience of the fetish world, and show them how much fun it can be.

I’ve described our dress code as “if you wouldn’t dream of wearing it out to dinner with your mum, then it’s perfect for Club Purgatory”!

– – – What would you say specifically to our plus size readership that may be interested or apprehensive about Club Purgatory?

– Foxy – Get your glad rags on and join us!

Our club nights are a great excuse to wear the outfit you’ve never felt comfortable wearing on a regular night out. I’ve described our dress code as “if you wouldn’t dream of wearing it out to dinner with your mum, then it’s perfect for Club Purgatory”! If there’s a corset, a sheer dress, a pair of hot pants, or even some leather or latex hiding in your wardrobe, set it free!

I know that’s easier said than done. I am plus size myself so I understand that body confidence can be a very difficult thing to overcome. Being a part of the fetish scene was what actually helped me to overcome my own issues. People on the scene are very friendly, very accepting. They have an amazing talent for seeing the good in people and always compliment others on what looks amazing. I’ve seen strangers become friends during conversations about their love of a certain item of clothing or type of outfit. The supreme confidence that gives people is beautiful.

– M. ¬†– Over the years, we’ve seen people grow and shine. They start by being a little nervous, then a few years later they are rocking the latex and looking like they own the place!

– Foxy – At one point I would never have dreamed of not wearing something that fully covered me. Now, well, for the last Club Purgatory I wore stockings, suspenders and a leopard print coat dress that was fully open at the front!

She does demonstrations and will teach you how to use the equipment safely, how to spank safely and how to use any, erm, implements, you’ve brought with you safely.

– – – The dungeon area itself is what really sets you apart from non-fetish clubs. I’m sure it’s very daunting for people that are not used to using the equipment. How do you combat that?

– Foxy – We have a lovely Dungeon Mistress that is on hand all night to help anyone that asks.

– M. – If you’re too nervous to ask, just loiter closely and she might introduce herself!

– Foxy – She does demonstrations and will teach you how to use the equipment safely, how to spank safely and how to use any, erm, implements, you’ve brought with you safely. Within the dungeon, safety is the greatest priority. The area is roped off to keep bystanders and watchers at a safe distance. That also gives the couple’s playing there a little privacy. It’s an exciting area to be, the air is charged when people are using it and it can be as much fun to watch as it is to take part!

– M. – I make and set up all of the equipment myself, so I know exactly how safe it is. I have known the Dungeon Mistress for a long time and I trust her to look after everyone there.

– – – Your attitude to safety is great, thinking along those lines…

– M. – I think I know what you’re doing to ask. Yes, my equipment is safe to use for everyone. Every piece is tested for strength and comfort throughout the building process. I use heavy duty materials so that I am able to cater for all body types and all levels of use. I want everyone to be able to enjoy their time using my equipment, I don’t want anyone to worry, or have to think something might get broken. I design things to be extremely durable. My pieces last for years and years.

– – – That’s good to know! M. I know you create fetish furniture to be hired out, do you take private commissions too?

– M. – Yes! If you can dream it up, I can make it! Dungeons E4 is 15 years old and each piece of kit is handmade and unique. I have made benches, swings, bondage beds, even pieces that convert to look like innocent pieces of furniture. If you come to Purgatory and fall in love with a piece of kit, I can remake it or customise something similar, but I will not copy other makers styles. I have a workshop in North London, and people are welcome to make an appointment or contact me to discuss options. I take commissions from anyone, for just about anything, nothing phases me. I’m happy to ship equipment across the UK too, though it’s often heavy and expensive to do that, so collecting it might be best, and cheaper!

– – – One thing that I know makes people feel uncomfortable online is the fetishisation of plus size people, especially women. How do you deal with that?

– Foxy – I know women personally that have been contacted by people with these views. It’s often unsolicited and, quite frankly, extremely rude and derogatory in nature. It is upsetting and should not be tolerated.

We have strict codes of conduct that we expect everyone to adhere to

At Club Purgatory, it is not tolerated. We have strict codes of conduct that we expect everyone to adhere to, it is on our website and we display it wherever we can during the night itself. We’ve spoken about safety before, it’s our priority, and this is included in that. Anyone that is made to feel uncomfortable should come to a member of staff immediately and it will be dealt with. Our staff all wear official lanyards or badges and there is always at least one member of staff stationed at the main door. We pride ourselves in being inclusive. Everyone is welcome, welcome to wear what they like, be with who they like and participate in safe, sane and consensual play with whomever they like.

– – – Thank you for talking to me, is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

– Foxy – Please come to the next club night!

I know that’s the obvious answer, but I really mean it. We want Club Purgatory to be a success, and that means people coming and thoroughly enjoying themselves. The more people that come, the more nights we can have across the country, and that means more people get to experience an open and totally inclusive night. One where they are free to really be themselves, free to wear what makes them happy and be around other equally free, like minded and open people.

The next Club Purgatory is at World Headquarters, Newcastle upon Tyne, on September 1st.

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