Moving right along with our Month of Sex, Indie Fox and xLove Leahx review handmade sex toys by GlassJoi. Due to the nature of the product and that we did not feel the product would be safe in the postal system without its original packaging the review was not blind. We asked for volunteers from our pool of Indie+Contributors to test the product and we were really overjoyed at the response!

Spiral Glass Dildo ~ Luxury Glass Collection rp £18.00

Indie: Well firstly let me say this, I am a big advocate of sex toys and experimentation, and a glass toy should definitely be a staple piece in every grown-ups toy box.

This arrived beautifully and discreetly packaged, the cylindrical box actually sat on my kitchen worktop completely ignored by friends and family mistaking it for a box for a bottle whisky. Inside, the toy is protected by bubble wrap and a velvet pouch which is also ideal for storing it in. The toy itself is certainly a sensory delight; beautiful ice clear glass with streaks of smoky steel blue ripples down the length, this would not seem out of place as a decorative piece in the home, a real beautiful piece of glass. This very strong yet lightweight piece is very narrow, I would say if you prefer the feeling of fullness then this is not the toy for you, but to a beginner to the world of glass toys; I would highly recommend.

“The toy itself is certainly a sensory delight; beautiful ice clear glass with streaks of smoky steel blue ripples down the length, this would not seem out of place as a decorative piece in the home, a real beautiful piece of glass”

So now to the fun part, as I mentioned this toy is quite narrow in comparison to other glass toys I have used in the past but that being said, the ripples down the length make for a delightful sensation, for vaginal play. The toy is about 7 inches long with a wide base to ensure the toy does not travel, which indicates to me that it is for either vaginal or anal play. In my opinion, glass toys are perfect for anal play because they do not drag or cause any irritation around the anus, with or without lubrication and this is certainly a toy that I found perfect for this. Due to the slimline features of this toy, it is very comfortable to insert both alone and with my partner using it. The ripples give an almost slight anal bead like sensation and with the toy being completely straight there were no issues with not knowing what angle the toy was at whilst inside. However having said this, as a vaginal toy, I would have preferred a slight curve to the toy.

I adore glass toys because they are non-porous and never have that chemical smell. This toy was easy to clean and without any harsh grooves or ridges, I doubt that it would harbour any bacteria, as long as it was kept undamaged and clean.

If I was to purchase this toy myself, I would probably have chosen a toy with more girth but would recommend to someone who had little experience with a toy of this nature. This dildo is versatile, waterproof and beautiful; and also has earned itself a place in my toy box.

Leah: When I was offered the chance to review a sex toy I jumped at it as I’m a liberated woman who’s always up for more orgasms.

It arrived in a lovely cylindrical box and a velveteen pouch. I’d never used a glass dildo before and this one looks really premium with it’s lifelike ‘head’ and raised swirls in the middle of the shaft for extra pleasure. It’s almost like a work of art – I feel like I should have it on display on a shelf! I used it in a couple of ways – first in solo play vaginally and used my Lovehoney wand vibrator to send shivers of delight up through the glass, which was really intense.

Descrete packaging

Second with my husband, twisting the shaft around as well as in and out, which caused a really intense orgasm in conjunction with using the wand on my clit. The raised parts really did tickle me in places rarely touched, and when inserted deeper in I got a cold sensation from parts of the glass which hadn’t yet warmed to my body temperature.

This is a really handy addition to my box of tricks. It looks more expensive than it is and feels like an artisan product.


You can find GlassJoi‘s range of products on Etsy




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