Martha’s Garden

Introducing Martha’s Garden line of aromatherapy bath and body products. Clare Buck, the creator of the brand, makes a range of all natural, handcrafted skincare products using only high-quality natural ingredients. Katt from FatgirlForLife and Leah of xLoveLeahx review two handmade products; the Jasmine Body Butter and the Lavender Salt Body Scrub.

Martha's Garden Bath and Body Line

Katt: I loved the little blue tub that the body butter came in, perfect size for your handbag for a bit of moisturising on the go! The scrub had to be repackaged so I wouldn’t know the brand, so I can’t judge on that. Overall, I think both the scrub and the body butter had pretty good quality of the ingredients and the packaging for the body butter was of good quality.

Jasmine Body Butter

The body butter comes in Mandarin and grapefruit too!

Katt: The jasmine body butter is lovely, it smells amazing and it’s like a little tub of jasmine whipped cream for your skin! One it softens and warms it becomes like a body oil, which I loved. Others might not like that though, I know I can be a bit funny about what type of lotion or cream I use. Sometimes I get on with an oil based product and others, I can’t stand it and feel like a slippery fish! But, this one was a big hit for me! I used the body butter as an everyday hand moisturiser and for some extra love to my recent tattoo. I work 12-hour shifts in a hospital and my hands take a lot of damage with the amount of hand washing I do, not to mention wearing tight and hot gloves a lot. So this body butter was amazing for my hands, I really loved it. And did I mention how great it smelt? I got a few compliments on how my hands smelt, which is a new one for me! I would pay about £6 for the body butter.

Leah: Once again this feels like a good quality product made from luxurious ingredients. It has a gentle scent so it’d be ideal for people who don’t like strong smells. It’s very moisturising – it feels like it has a high oil content. I used it on my hands, which are showing crispiness as I age. It left them feeling very soft and looking/feeling less dry. I also used it on my shins, which are visibly dry, and it helped. It is a lovely smooth product which glides on and soaks in quickly. A little goes a long way, too – I only need to rub a couple of fingers gently across the surface of the product to have enough to cover both hands. I don’t think I’d change anything about this body butter. I’d pay £7-10 for it. Although it’s a small container, it feels like it’ll last a long time.

Lavender Salt Body Scrub

Lavender body scrub

Katt: Now, the scrub did make my skin feel soft but I found it a little too oily. Don’t get me wrong, it smelt amazing and very relaxing but I didn’t like how much oil was left on my skin after my bath. I used the scrub while I was in the bath, just before I went to bed. Now, as a scrub it was fine but…the lavender parts got everywhere. When I saw everywhere…I mean it. It’s hard to relax in a nice smelling bath when your picking bits from every nook and cranny you have. I’m sure I’m still finding bits and pieces now! I would personally change the pieces of lavender by removing them. It’s a pet peeve of mine and I hate finding bits and pieces in the bath and on myself for a few days after! I would probably pay about £6 for the scrub as well.

Leah testing the products


Leah: The lavender salt body scrub feels like a luxurious product and a very natural one. It smells amazing – there’s a lot of lavender in it, and I love lavender. I took small handfuls and rubbed it on my arms and legs in the shower. It’s a bit messy and involved bending over to pick chunks that fell off, so it might be an idea to have the water off in the shower while you use it to avoid waste. It’s very exfoliating without feeling rough – I have Fibromyalgia which causes tender skin everywhere but it was pleasant for me to use. It got my circulation going, too – I went pleasantly pink! I have dry skin on my arms and legs and after using it they felt as soft as a baby’s bum and a gentle lavender scent lingered. I think there might be some kind of oil in it because it was left my skin feeling moisturised. The salt granules are large and I’d presume it may be sea salt. The ingredients feel very luxurious – it feels like a quality product, and I think I’d pay about £10 for it as there’s quite a lot of product. The only thing I’d change would be the messiness of it, but I don’t know how you’d make chunks of lavender and granules of salt any less messy. I think you might have to embrace it as a part of the experience.

Reaction: Jasmine Body Butter rp: £6 and Lavender Body Scrub rp: £10

Katt: I’ve never heard of the brand before but I love handmade products and finding new ones is always great, plus my price for the hand cream was pretty spot on! I would personally buy the body butter for myself at that price, it’s well worth it. I love the sound of the Peppermint and tea tree foot cream and the Peppermint Foot Scrub. Since I’m on my feet all day at work I reckon they would come in handy for someone like me! Plus, mint and tea tree is a winning combination in my eyes.

Leah: Ooh, such a good price! I love the look of their lemon hand scrub and peppermint foot scrub. They have a customer in me! My aunt has pinched the body cream and took it home with her, the cheeky sod.

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    12th May 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Dear Testers.
    Thank you so much for your lovely feedback and I’m delighted at how much you enjoyed the products. I am happy to tell you that because everything is hand made, it’s easy to create bespoke products for customers on request. So ladies, want scrubs with no bits in – you got it. It just needs to be highlighted to me when you order.


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