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Be the change you wish to see in the world.

So, it looks like the last gasp of toxic white male entitlement hasn’t spluttered out just yet. As it becomes more and more obvious that we are guiding the planet on the wrong course and it is really past time to take action, the question becomes, what actions are actually going to be effective? Marching and petitions haven’t worked. Politicians have just ignored them. Brexit passed and Trump although impeached, for now, it looks like the largely male GOP are going to acquit him without evidence or witnesses. And while we all scream until our throats are raw, on the streets and on social media, our voices are not being heard by the people with the power to make an actual difference.

This bothers us. A LOT.

We're Back - 2020
We marched and chanted and signed petitions to no avail.

Until we Vote the B*stards OutTM, we need to find new ways to effect change. Global issues aren’t being solved globally. In the immediate future life is going to get a lot worse for a lot of the world’s population. Nixon’s “silent majority” is thriving in the 1st world and it’s their votes and inactivity on global issues that keep tyrants in power in order to protect their standard of living. We’ve seen it in Brexit, the sheer number of people who have no idea what the actual facts are but will vote for anyone who promises that their lifestyle and social constructs will remain the same.

In the 100+years of the feminist movement, the internet became the tool in providing it’s most powerful, crystalising moment, #MeToo. It was effective in that everyone had a voice in the conversation, women from all races and all walks of life and ages. It transversed cultures and countries creating new conversations about gender roles, their meaning and position in society. Opening new recognition of toxic white male behaviour and privilege and privilege in all forms. Recognising all genders right to dignity and to be heard.

We love Greta Thunberg. Not just because she’s a major badass climate warrior, but she shows us the power of one individual who is taking steps to change her world, one little girl at a time. That’s the way we at I+D want to move forward – change the world, one person at a time, starting with ourselves.

The first direction Indie+ Design is going to take is to change to Gender Neutral pronouns where ever we can. Also, Indie+ Design has been a female-centric magazine – that will change too. We want to encourage and introduce new voices. While we here at the mag have focused on plus-size issues, there are many people who do not feel at home in their skin and are looking for inclusion and dignity.

The second change is expanding our subject matter. Climate change, what can I do? Fast fashion, how to avoid and more importantly how to revitalise not waste. Money, how to invest, how to budget, how to save, and how to do your taxes! Interviews with designers, politicians, artists, musicians. Fashion tips for all genders, still highlighting plus-size. Health, how to get the best out of your GP appointment, the power of nurses, how to support the NHS while we still have it. Plus DIY, crafting, food, gardening – (cause we may all soon need that victory garden).

Indie+Design is turning our eyes inwards. Sorry to throw the worst optimistic cliches here, but we need to reclaim them. The ideas of kindness in this very angry world. We can’t give lip service to our beliefs. We truly do need to be the change we wish to see. First in ourselves not to accept casual sexism, cruelty, or ignorance. Lead by example. It has not been easy and it won’t be easy in the coming months and years. But it IS worth it!

“Man in the Mirror” was written by singer/songwriter, Brand New Heavies, and Academy Award nominee for writing Dreamgirls “Love You I Do”, Siedah Garrett, not Michael Jackson. We are just going to leave this here. Yes, it’s corny as f*ck, but with times so dark we could all use a bit of sunshine yellow. <3


Abigail Tyrrell

With degrees in Psychology, Silversmithing, and an accredited Holistic Therapist (FHT), Ms Tyrrell is an enigma wrapped in chocolate. After 18 years as a professional web developer (LAMP and .NET) and designer, she left to focus on making pants for a living. At some point during the last 12 months, she also thought creating this was a good idea...

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