Caroline Ann Lagenlook Crinkle Tunic

Blind Review item is the Lagenlook Crinkle Tunic in Aubergine and Grey. RP: £40.00


This week’s designer is a little difficult to find. She is Caroline Ann and clothing creates for sizes UK12-34.

You heard me right! UK 12 – 34!

Latest collection available from
Latest collection available from

Caroline Ann sells primarily on Amazon and Ebay and is not big on social marketing, although the company does have a presence. I first discovered her several years ago and what attracts me to this designer is that her fearless approach to shape and to plus size is very much her own eye. Her aesthetic is soft, nonstructured and her pallet contains everything from muted pastels to very bright primaries. Caroline Ann makes everything to order – piece by piece! True fact: when I placed the order for the identical pieces in different sizes through Amazon, she called me to make sure I hadn’t ordered two by mistake!

You know how this game is played.

Reviewers are told nothing about the brand and are sent items with no branded packaging and all tags/makers marks removed. Sizes have been selected via the designer’s size chart and the blogger’s measurements. So, let our reviewers tell you what they think. Today we have Charli of CurvyThinGirl and Steff of ByeByeBailey.

Charli (UK 18): I’ll be honest, this dress isn’t my usual style. I’m very much a structured dress person (body cone and 50’s flare dresses are very much my go to). However, I really kind of like it. It is floaty, romantic, and a little bit whimsical. The deep purple colouring with the grey panels works incredibly well together and the varied hemline sings of a bohemian summer.

The manufacture of this dress is really quite high. The ruffled seams are stitched to such a high quality that I couldn’t tell the difference between the inside of the dress versus the outside and it made from quite a heavy stretch jersey that doesn’t lose its shape despite tugging and pulling – and believe me, I gave this a thorough testing. The dress isn’t lined, but it doesn’t need lining as the material is very soft against the skin.

I’m wearing the 18 and it fits beautifully. The dress hugs my boobs and cinches at the waist before flaring out at the waist. The slight stretch to the material means that is will really adjust to your individual shape and you don’t need to worry if, like me, you have a body that curves a little outside of the standard clothing measurements. I would also hazard a guess that the dress would fit a size either way so, if like me you fluctuate regularly in your measurements, there is little chance you’re going outgrow or shrink this dress.

I don’t feel I would change anything on the dress. I have to admit it won’t be a wardrobe staple as it’s not my usual style. However, I have a few beach holidays coming up this year and think it would be amazing for throwing on over a bikini to stroll into the local town. I will definitely be using it for just such an occasion.

I’m finding it difficult to put a price on this item. It’s well constructed, considerate to the fuller figure, and made from a quality fabric. This suggests a high price point, perhaps around the £45-50 mark. That said, I would have to consider if I were willing to pay that amount due to the style difference and the fact that I wouldn’t get much wear out of the item.

Steff (UK 24): Love the colours! Getting this out of the package, it is a well-made dress with strong secure stitching. The material feels like a thin jersey which makes it lighter than air to wear! It’s a very soft, strokable fabric. I think something like this would be a welcome garment for hot summer weather. I wonder if they do maxi dresses as well.

Feels like a good, robust quality all round. It fits like a dream and sits where it should on me and doesn’t engulf my waist meaning you can see my figure, while it’s still a relaxed and comfortable fit. Really, this is how I’d like all my dresses to fit. If I had to be very, very picky, I would say that the cut on the bust is just a hair too low, but this is only a minor point really.

I like the attention to detail; the stitching on the bust is particularly pretty and well placed (my bust size usually distorts pretty details like this). The grey flashes in this work well too with the purple.

I know this is custom made so I know that I’d be prepared to spend more on this than I would at a high street chain in order to get the perfect fit I’m feeling here. I also know that I see a lot of this style of dress go down very well at festivals, too; I can see this selling well. I would say I would pay up to about £40 for this particular garment.

I would absolutely wear this again and possibly even order from them – whoever this company is, has just gained a new fan!


Charli (UK 18): It’s lovely to hear that Caroline makes everything to order.   I’m surprised the order comes from Amazon and Ebay as you expect to find items like this in local, independent stores or on sites like Etsy.  I don’t normally look at Amazon and places for clothes but, if there are clothes makers like Caroline on there I may have to reevaluate.  I’m not surprised by the price point, it feels about right.

Steff (UK 24): I’ve not heard of this brand before but when I was told, I had to check them out online! The price was pretty much in line with what I would have expected. In fact, all her clothes seem to be fairly and similarly priced. Nice to discover a new brand.

 PS. If you want to know how well the fabric and shape holds up over time? I bought one of her tops 3 years ago and it has gone through the wash and dryer innumerable times and still looks the same as the day I bought it. -ed


Steff Benton

Steff is a Cornwall based model, musician, teacher and writer with a love for vintage. She lives with her partner and a cat named Jack.

2 thoughts on “Caroline Ann Lagenlook Crinkle Tunic

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    25th July 2017 at 7:46 am

    I ordered a few dresses and tops over the years. If there was ever a problem (rare) it was sorted immediately. The clothes were really well made and Caroline was always happy to ‘mix and match’ styles and fabrics. I haven’t bought for a couple of years now but only because the clothes which I did have were so well made I couldn’t justify adding to them. However, a couple of them are nearly ready for replacement and I shall enjoy browsing the new styles

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    25th May 2018 at 3:36 am

    I am a long term fan of Caroline Ann designs and add a few a year simply because I wonder what she will design next. Always beautifully made I wish I could kit out nightwear in this style too.


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