Blind Review: Imogen Curve Brief by Playful Promises

It sometimes feels like when you read a product review online or in a magazine, you never know how much of the review was paid for. To bring a new way to ensure transparency in reviews, and we hope here at IndieBomb, a sense of fun, we have created the concept of the Blind Review. Participants (bloggers, models, and ordinary people not related to the industry) send us their measurements and are then sent a product in their size as according to designer’s size chart. Here’s the fun: we remove all tags, packaging, and anything that identifies who produced the product. We ask that the product be review on quality of: manufacture, materials, fit, how much they would expect it to cost, and if they would change anything. After participants submit their review, we reveal the identity of the product and the retail cost and ask for their reaction. –Editorial Director

Imogen Curve Brief by Playful Promises rp: £25.00

Imogen knickers by Playful Promises


Indie (size UK 18)

Indie Fox wearing Imogen knickers by Playful Promises

These look absolutely beautiful and no real harsh stitching in the fabric, they seem to have a little bit of stretch in them and look comfortable for everyday wear. However, having said that, When I first opened the package, I will easily say I was a little disappointed, the material felt a bit like swimwear. Being one of those people who feel it necessary to touch every item of clothing and then making my shopping partner do the same, whilst exclaiming ‘ooh soft’, this item let me down. It had an almost cheap feel to the product reminding me of swimwear I had to wear in school and if I’d seen it in a store, I would avoid it solely down to how the material feels. However, once on the material does feel great against the skin.

The fit? This is something I had an issue with. This pair doesn’t feel as though it was made for a plus size body. The front is very low cut which results in the item giving my belly a very unflattering shape before rolling underneath.  The back design, whilst plain, is adorable, the slight peek-a-boo design is something I do love. It sits nicely against the skin and compliments the shape of my bottom. I feel like these would be a great alternative to an everyday cotton pair of underwear and make me feel like I’m wearing something a bit more luxurious. However, I cannot get that polyester feeling out of the back of my mind.

Personally, I want a little more of a front to the brief and for it to sit higher on the thigh to stop the fabrics from rolling down and to support my shape rather than highlighting my wobbly stomach. I do not see myself wanting to pay any more than £7 for this pair which felt like a bit of a letdown, the design looks great, but the material just lets them down.

Katt (size UK 24)

Katt wearing Imogen knickers by Playful promises

If I were to rate the panties on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the quality of manufacture as 7/10. Overall it’s decently made but there are a few stitching mistakes along the hemline, which bugs a perfectionist like myself! Other than the hemline, the quality is pretty good. The buttons on the back are sewn on quite well and the little peek a boo holes are cut quite nicely too.

Materials, I would say 7/10. It’s a silky black material with a fair amount of stretch to it. It does have a lovely shine which adds just a little bit more sexiness to the piece. It fits pretty well, encases my whole butt which is a rare thing in underwear for me. As a plus size woman with a large behind, a lot of brands seem to forget that we need more butt room than most! I love the little peek a boo section at the back, it adds a touch of flirtation which in turn, makes me feel flirty. It does make me feel pretty good but not great.

What I would change, is more room on the front. Most knickers I’ve bought as a plus size lady (barring granny pants) have little to no room in the front section. Forget belly room, I’m talking fanny room. Feeling like your vagina is being suffocated can ruin any sexiness or comfort you felt in a new pair of knickers. It’s something plus size designers really need to work on and it’s a personal pet peeve of mine! I would pay around £8? I’m a bit of a bargain hunter and unless a pair of knickers are awe-inspiring or just so damn sexy it hurts, I won’t pay more than £10.

The Reveal

Indie: I’m really shocked that it is a Playful Promises piece as I adore their items and the garments I’ve worn them previously, and they have been fantastic. I still think that the front of the brief is not designed for a fuller shaped woman and I’m shocked that this wasn’t thought of before scaling it up for the plus sized body. I still wouldn’t pay the retail price for this as it just doesn’t seem to live up to the standard that I expect from Playful Promises. My opinion on that garment has definitely not changed at all.

Katt: First of all, I’ve heard of the brand before but never purchased any of their items and for the price they charge for a pair of knickers, I would expect the stitching to be absolutely perfect. It may be me being a tad fussy and others don’t have the same issue, but £25 is a pretty large chunk of money to go on a pair of plain black pants!

Although they do cater to a size 24 plus size woman they don’t show the knickers on a size 24 body, so you have no idea what you’re getting into when you buy them. Which is a big disappointment for me but unfortunately it’s a common trend in the plus size fashion industry. All in all, this does change how I feel about this brand, to be honest, I’m a little disappointed. I thought better of them.



Indie Fox

Musician, Model, Diva Supreme and front woman for The Killing Culture.

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